What Is DocSend?

Content providers are forced to continually invest in their platforms without ever focusing on improving the user experience.

DocSend as One of the Best Applications

DocSend is not a new application; it has been here for a while. However, DocSend as an add-in for Outlook is a new thing. It is originally an analytical tool for documents; especially for the ones you send by email. We often wonder when we email a document; whether the person has seen the document or not. Besides; for confidential documents, we are concerned if the recipient of the document has forwarded it further.

Using mail, disk, and documents, you can work anywhere on any device – computer, tablet, or phone. Working with tables directly in the browser without special software allows you to efficiently analyze data using charts, filters, and pivot tables. Convenient questionnaires of the “Forms” service will help you quickly and easily create a web form for surveys by choosing questions of different types, changing their sequence, and answer options.

DocSend forms look solid and help you get the information you need. In real-time, you can track responses, analyze data in Google tables and other applications. Our library uses this application to evaluate its services. Service “Presentations” helps to create and edit presentations right in the browser. Several people can work on one file at once, and everyone will always have the latest version available. If you cannot open a file without the required application, use the service.

With DocSend, you can find out what’s going on with your document. Knowing when a person opened it, how many times, whether it was downloaded or not, and whether it was transferred to someone; You can track everything using DocSend. All these steps are unpleasant, but they make it possible to leave behind a job, which, in the conditions of an unstable situation and an excess of free specialists in the labor market, is already quite a lot. If all options have been exhausted and the head of the information security department is faced with the difficult task of dismissing his subordinates.

Are There Any Disadvantages in DocSend?

The advantage of the DocSend system is the ability to customize it for the specifics of the business. The system has various tariff plans, selected for the packages necessary for the company’s work, as well as for the number of users. DocSend has a box and cloud solution, as well as a mobile application.

The system has great functionality in the free version, but in the paid extended version there are much more possibilities. This system includes a large variety of features: task manager, corporate social network, chats, website builder, online store builder, document storage, calendars, business processes, time tracking, analytics, audio and video calls, generator of documents, and reports, and much more.

Many users note the slow work of technical support. If, after updating the version in the cloud, the system has bugs, it will take some time to get through to technical support. The advantage of the system is the availability of prompts for the operation of the system. The system contains tariff plans “Collaboration”, which performs the functions of a corporate portal, and “Customers and Sales”, which means the use of a system.

The main disadvantages of DocSend are:

  • the lack of the ability to change the interface for the company;
  • inflexible tariff plans;
  • the system has a small set of functionality, compared to competitive systems;
  • the system does not have the ability to open several windows at the same time;
  • the system has a cloud-based and out-of-the-box solution.