5 Data Rooms for Corporate Finance Deals

Many services provide their readers with access to electronic resources or create virtual and photo exhibitions on their websites, using such a convenient tool as data room storage.

How to Choose Among 5 Data Rooms for Corporate Finance Deals?

1. iDeals Virtual Data Room.

To filter Web traffic, iDeals Virtual Data Room uses a URL database that stores millions of subject-specific entries. When a company employee requests a page in the browser, a special filter checks the database records and determines the category of the requested resource. The list of categories includes several dozen, it includes postal, entertainment, travel, pornographic, and other resource groups. If information about the required Web page is not yet in the database, then the content of the page is analyzed and its subject is determined automatically. This approach allows the administrator to build policies based on user groups and their rights to access the pages of the corresponding categories.

2. Firmex Virtual Data Room.

To exclude inappropriate use of the Firmex Virtual Data Room postal service, a content analysis of each letter will be required. Modern solutions allow you to analyze not only the formal attributes of a message but also attachments of various formats, graphic and text content of the message body, as well as all the links contained in it.

3. Box.

Solutions to eliminate the misuse of a company’s IT resources often include some features to prevent the leakage of confidential data. For example, Box filters outbound email traffic for sensitive information. To configure this analysis, the administrator must manually specify in the management console the documents that are to be prevented from leaking.

4. BaseCamp.

In terms of computer security, a confidentiality threat in BaseCamp occurs whenever unauthorized access is obtained to some sensitive information stored in a computer system or transferred from one system to another. This threat is especially relevant for information transmission systems – computer networks and telecommunications systems. Intentional violations of the integrity of information should not be confused with its authorized change, which is carried out by authorized persons with a justified purpose (for example, such a change is a periodic update of a certain database).

5. eFileCabinet.

For eFileCabinet, data confidentiality is a status granted to data that determines the required level of protection. In essence, this is the property of information to be known only to admitted and verified (authorized) subjects of the system (users, processes, programs). For the rest of the subjects of the system, this information should be unknown.

The Relevance of Data Room Security Tasks

It is important to note that the problem of preventing the leakage of confidential data is not completely solved in these products. Thus, an employee’s workstation is left unattended, from which he can transfer a file to a mobile media or simply print it. Special control is required for Web traffic as well. There are many chats, forums, open mail services, etc. on the Internet. All these resources can be used to disclose confidential information.

With the development and complication of means, methods, and forms of automation of information processing processes, the dependence of society on the degree of security of the information technologies it uses, on which sometimes the well-being, and sometimes the life of many people, depends. The integrity of information is ensured if the data in the system does not differ in semantics from those given in the original documents, i.e. unless there was their accidental or deliberate distortion or destruction.